Our Services

Cascade Global’s services are designed to enable our clients to meet both their business and developmental goals in an increasingly digital global economy.

BPO & ITES Consulting

We offer a range of services to organizations that are considering offshore outsourcing to East Africa. We are dedicated to enabling our clients navigate the offshore outsourcing process by providing solutions to implementing a new BPO projects from start to finish.

Our services are designed towards scalability to match our clients growing requirements and include:

  • BPO Set Up
  • BPO Sector Development Programs
  • Joint Ventures
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Recruitment

Digital Skills Development

Many African countries are grappling with an economic environment that cannot adequately provide jobs for millions of youth who enter the job market each year. With a young and rapidly growing population, a huge gap exists in economic opportunities for youth in Africa. The challenge is to enable access to jobs that can provide a decent income and increase economic inclusion among youth on a large scale.   At Cascade Global, we enhance the employability of youth by building their skills to enable them to be successful in the world of digital jobs. Our programs raise awareness to the youth about the opportunities available in the gig economy through online work. We build their technical skills to undertake certain types of tasks that are in demand in the digital jobs market and also train them on how to perform optimally as remote workers.  

Sales Consulting

Our Business Development services are suited to BPO organizations that are looking to build their market share of local projects.

  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Training